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How do my players age?
How do I sell my player?
How do I fire my player?
What does 'fitness' of a player mean?
What does 'form' of a player mean?
What does 'experience' of a player mean?
What does Total Skill Index (TSI) of a player mean?
What do I need to know about 'Salary'?
- Each player is paid a weekly salary every Friday & is reflected in the finance update
- Salary of any player is based on all his skills. Each skill has a varying effect on salary. For e.g. 1 level of Fielding contributes a lot lesser to salary than 1 level of Bowling Main
- The salary of a player with any high level skill will be much more than that of a player with multiple low level skills
- A player's salary is recomputed on his birthday (once every 70 days) based on his skills (which may have increased due to training or dropped due to old age)
- Every player playing for a World Cup or Intercontinental Cup team gets a salary rebate for his owning team when the WC-IC is still on. There is a cap of 1m on the maximum salary rebate a manager can enjoy
Why my Player name has not been changed even after paying 4 Hitcoins?
When can I put a player into "Hall of Fame"?