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How do my players age?
How do I sell my player?
How do I fire my player?
What does 'fitness' of a player mean?
- Fitness level helps in determining how well a player is able to utilize his skills.
- Fitness has more effect on the performance of Seam bowlers than on the performance of Spinners & Batsmen
- Fitness loss is on account of 2 factors :
Age (x) : Fitness of all players drops gradually over time. But fitness loss is much more significant for older players than for the younger ones.
Matches (y) : A Player loses some fitness per the league matches he plays during the week.
For eg: If a player plays 2 matches in a week, he loses 'x' due to age + 2 'y' due to his playing time. If he doesn't play a single match, he loses only 'x'.
- The Fitness of all your players can be improved by training on fitness
- In terms of boost value for spinners/batsmen: Hopeless(-30%) < Poor(-19%) < Unreliable(-11%) < Decent(-5%) < Good(0%) < Superb(+4%).
- In terms of boost value for seamers: Hopeless(-40%) < Poor(-25%) < Unreliable(-15%) < Decent(-6%) < Good(0%) < Superb(+5%).
What does 'form' of a player mean?
What does 'experience' of a player mean?
What does Total Skill Index (TSI) of a player mean?
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