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How do my players age?
How do I sell my player?
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What does 'fitness' of a player mean?
What does 'form' of a player mean?
- Form has a significant effect on how well a player performs in a match. Just like the real game of cricket, form increases or decreases randomly every week
- All players have a tendency to go into a form slump or high during the course of the season
- Consider maintaining squad depth to avoid fielding a player in bad form in a crucial match!
- In terms of boost values: Hopeless(-16%) < Poor(-12%) < Unreliable(-8%) < Decent(-4%) < Good(0%) < Superb(+4%)
- The probable form distribution among players for a squad size of 20 will be uniform as given below :
10% players will be in Superb Form
25% players will be in Good Form
40% players will be in Decent Form
15% players will be in Unreliable Form
10% players will be in Poor Form
- Form distribution percentages will vary for teams with different squad size.
- The form distribution does not take into account the form of the player in the previous week. The random allotment happens freshly on every form update. Hence, there is a possibility that an unreliable form player could improve in form, remain same or even go further down.
What does 'experience' of a player mean?
What does Total Skill Index (TSI) of a player mean?
What do I need to know about 'Salary'?
Why my Player name has not been changed even after paying 4 Hitcoins?
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