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How do my players age?
How do I sell my player?
How do I fire my player?
What does 'fitness' of a player mean?
What does 'form' of a player mean?
What does 'experience' of a player mean?
- Like Fitness, Experience also helps in determining how well a player is able to utilize his batting or bowling skills
- Players gain experience with every match they play
- A Captain gains 30% more experience per match than the rest of the team
- Rate of experience gain is very high at low levels & slows down at higher levels
- Selecting an experienced player as your captain boosts your entire team's fielding rating due to his shrewd field placements.
What does Total Skill Index (TSI) of a player mean?
What do I need to know about 'Salary'?
Why my Player name has not been changed even after paying 4 Hitcoins?
When can I put a player into "Hall of Fame"?